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Jaldety Propagation Nurseries are a family-owned business producing and supplying a colorful range of niche perennials and annual unrooted cuttings. Our propagation programs are designed to supply cuttings on a year-round basis and focus on both year-round quality assurance and on attentiveness to our customer’s needs.

About Jaldety

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We are pleased to show our plants, new introductions and old favorites at California Summer Trials (USA) and the Flower Trials (Holland).We invite you to visit us and learn more about our varieties and all you need to know from Agastache, Cyperus, Salvia to Thunbergia and everything in between

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Jaldety operates 2 production sites in Israel for export and offers cuttings from more than 450 different varieties from open and private stock.

Private stock services are provided to all our customers assuring solutions to all customer needs. The private stock course allows the customer to grow in our nurseries any variety they choose under their full control. Jaldety export cuttings from private stock varieties are custom-produced and are shipped to the owners of the private stock and to their sub-customers, worldwide.

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