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Setcreasea pallida –

Description -

Color and texture plant- grown for its intense colored foliage, thrives in heat and humidity, drought tolerant, easy to grow, low maintenance.

Suitability -

Landscape, annual ground cover, informal planting, beds, rock gardens, baskets, fillers, hanging baskets, containers.

Setcreasea Tricolor Power - Jaldety © 20221227_132400 (002).jpg

Setcreasea Tricolor Power

Setcreasea Green  White Beauty - Jaldety © IMG_20221128_112437 (002).jpg

Setcreasea Green White Beauty

Setcreasea Pink Stripes 2 - Jaldety.jpg

Setcreasea pallida Pink Stripes


Setcreasea pallida Purple Heart

Setcreasea Zebrina.jpg

Setcreasea Zebrina

Setcreasea Zebrina Bourdeaux plant  IMG_20230401_113638 (002).jpg

Setcreasea Zebrina Bourdeaux

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