Thunbergia -

Description -

Flowering and structure plant- frost tender, fast growing, evergreen twining climbers, needs support, long bloomers, showy flowers mainly from spring to autumn, easy to grow.

Suitability -

Ideal for hanging baskets, good screen, cover fences, arches, pillars and trellises, window boxes, large containers shaped as pyramid for patios and decks.

Thunbergia Lemon

Thunbergia Orange Beauty 

Thunbergia Sunny Susy® Glow

Thunbergia Sunny Susy® Amber Stripe

Thunbergia Sunny Susy® Rose Sensation

Thunbergia Sunny Susy® New Orange

Thunbergia Sunny Susy® Brownie

Thunbergia The Big White 

Thunbergia Orange Diverse 

Thunbergia Sunny Susy® White Halo

Thunbergia Charles Star

Thunbergia African Sunset

Thunbergia Sunny Susy® Red Orange

Thunbergia Sunny Susy® Pink Beauty

Thunbergia Sunny Susy® Terracotta

Thunbergia Sunny Susy® Lemon Sunrise

Thunbergia White

Thunbergia Orange

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