Salvia hybrid–

Description -

Flowering and structure plant- a tender perennial, blooms early and repeatedly, producing spikes of large flowers from spring till first frosts, heat and humidity tolerant, low maintenance, easy to grow, responds well to trimming.

Suitability -

Great centerpiece for mixed planters, big containers, combination with other trailing varieties, adds a splash of color to summer borders, beds, garden and patio planting.

Salvia African Sky-

Description –

Flowering and structure plant - an evergreen herbaceous shrubby frost hardy perennial, flowering with an abundance eye catching flowers colors spring to autumn, drought tolerant once established, easy to care, deer tolerant, attracts butterflies, hummingbirds and bees, low maintenance.

Suitability -

Beds, containers, mix borders, water wise garden planting, cottage and meadow gardens, mass planting, containers.

Salvia Amistad PP23578 EU35867

Salvia African Sky

Salvia Amante PP201829

Salvia Love and Wishes PP27057 EU47626

Salvia Amistad PP23578 EU35867

Salvia Amigo

Salvia Ember's Wish PP25183 EU44540

Salvia Wendy's Wish PP21889 EU35855

Salvia  Black & Blue

Salvia Kisses and Wishes PPAF CPVO

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