Coleus -

Description –

Color and structure plant- fast growing plants with bold, colorful foliage, easy to grow, tolerates heat and humidity, low maintenance.

Suitability -

Outstanding in beds, mixed containers for decks, balconies and patios, borders, dramatic background planting, ideal as an indoor plant.

Coleus Alabama Sunset

Coleus Kiwi Fern

Coleus Combat

Coleus Kingswood Torch

Coleus Crimson Velvet

Coleus Gay's Delight

Coleus Fishnet Stockings

Coleus Fire Ball

Coleus Colissima® Peach Melba

Coleus Colissima® Papaya

Coleus Colissima® Capri

Coleus Colissima® Raspberry

Coleus Lime

Coleus Pineapplette

Coleus Oxblood

Coleus Peter's Wonder

Coleus Saturan

Coleus Pineapplette Red

Coleus Walter Turner

Coleus Pineapple Beauty

Coleus Rustic Orange

Coleus Dipt in Wine

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