Delosperma Jewel of Desert -

Description –

Flowering plant - an absolute breakthrough: a new generation of Delosperma with an extremely long flowering period from spring to first frost with a wide range of bright colors. Exceptionally drought tolerant and winter hardy, forms a lush ground hugging color mat, easy to care.

Suitability -

Excellent for mass and mixed planting, great accent for patio and terrace, rock gardens, low borders, roof planting and ground cover.

Delosperma JOD Opal

Delosperma JOD Grenade

Delosperma JOD Sunstone

Delosperma JOD Amethyst

Delosperma JOD Candystone 

Delosperma JOD Garnet 

Delosperma JOD Topaz 

Delosperma JOD Moon Stone 

Delosperma JOD Rosequartz 

Delosperma JOD Ruby

Delosperma JOD Peridot 

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