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Delosperma Wheels of Wonder -

Description –

Flowering plant- this "WoW" Delosperma flowers continuously from early summer to early winter with an incredible range of re-blooming big bright flowers creating a huge color impact, exceptionally drought and heat tolerant, winter hardy, easy to care, attracts bees and butterflies.

Suitability -

Great for mix containers and hanging baskets, fabulous for mass and mixed planting, great accent for patio and balcony, rock gardens, low borders, roof planting, flowering groundcover, coastal gardens.


Delosperma WOW® Golden Wonder

Delosperma WOW Limoncello- Jaldety.jpg

Delosperma WOW® Limoncello 

Delosperma Wheels of Wonder White Pot-Ja

Delosperma WOW® White Imp Wonder

Delosperma WOW Purple - Jaldety.jpg
Delosperma WOW Salmony Pink-Jaldety.jpg

Delosperma WOW® Salmony Pink 

Delosperma WOW® Purple Wonder 

Delosperma WOW White Wonder -
Delosperma WOW Fire Wonder-Jaldety.jpg

Delosperma WOW® Fire Wonder 


Delosperma WOW® Hot Pink Wonder 


Delosperma WOW® Orange Improved 

Delosperma WOW Violet Wonder - Jaldety.j

Delosperma WOW® Violet Wonder 

Delosperma WOW® White Imp Wonder 

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