Erysimum (Wallflowers) -

Description –

Flowering and structure plant- a brilliant early spring color, a hardy small shrub, long fragrant spikes of flowers from spring to summer, drought tolerant once established, easy to grow, attracts bees and butterflies.

Suitability -

Alongside walls, spring bedding, borders, large containers, mix planting, sunny rock gardens, raised beds, landscape planting.

Erysimum Caribbean Island - Jaldety.jpg

Erysimum Caribbean Island

Erysimum Fragrant Star - Jaldety.jpg

Erysimum Walberton's® Fragrant Star

Erysimum Sky Tropical Sunset-

Erysimum Sky Tropical Sunset

Erysimum Artist Gogh's Gold -Jaldety.jpg

Erysimum Artist Gogh's Gold

Erysimum Artist Monet's Moment - Jaldety

Erysimum Artist Monet's Moment

Erysimum Desert Island - Jaldety.jpg

Erysimum Desert Island


Erysimum Variegatum


Erysimum Constant Cheer

Erysimum Sky Early Sunrise - Jaldety.jpg

Erysimum Sky Early Sunrise 


Erysimum Bowles Mauve

Erysimum Artist PaintBox - Jaldety.jpg

Erysimum Artist Paintbox


Erodium Bishop's Form

Erysimum Sky Night Skies - Jaldety.jpg

Erysimum Sky Night Skies

Erysimum Fragrant Sunshine - Jaldety.jpg

Erysimum Walberton's® Fragrant Sunshine