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Erysimum (Wallflowers) GLOW ™-

Description –

Flowering and structure plant - a brilliant early spring color, a hardy small shrub, long fragrant spikes of flowers from spring to summer, drought tolerant once established, easy to grow, attracts bees and butterflies.

Very hardy, reliable frost proof color for early season range, citrus colors, small flowers for 3 months in spring.

Suitability -

Alongside walls, spring bedding, borders, large containers, mix planting, sunny rock gardens, raised beds, landscape planting.

Erysimum Glow Orange - Jaldety.jpg
Erysimum Glow Golden - Jaldety.jpg
Erysimum Glow Coral - Jaldety.jpg

Erysimum Glow™ Orange

Erysimum Glow™ Coral

Erysimum Glow™ Golden

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