Gazania PTN® SunBathers® –

Description –

Flowering and structure plant- a tough, low growing perennial, blooms repeatedly with large flowers which do not close, from early spring to autumn with brilliant colors, drought, heat and wind tolerant, can be grown cool, attracts bees and butterflies.

Suitability -

Good garden performance, for mass planting, bedding, edging, front of a border, rock gardens, seaside gardens, containers for patio and decks, big mix containers.                          

Gazania SunBathers® Nahui 

Gazania SunBathers® Cremazu 

Gazania SunBathers® Totonaca

Gazania SunBathers® Katua

Gazania SunBathers® Tikal

Gazania SunBathers® Sunset Jane Lemon Spot

Gazania SunBathers® Otomi

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