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Iberis (Candytuft) –

Description –

Flowering plant- evergreen shrubby perennial covered with masses of flat clusters of flowers, drought tolerant, deer resistant, thrives in poor soil, attract butterflies.

Suitability -

Rock gardens, front of a border, edging, alongside stony walkways, on top of a wall, containers. Iberis Masterpiece is great for big containers as a flowering pot and combinations.

Iberis Masterpiece Combo -Jaldety.jpg

Iberis Masterpiece - combo

Iberis Pink Ice flower -Jaldety.jpg

Iberis Pink Ice 

Iberis Masterpiece Plant-Jaldety.jpg

Iberis Masterpiece 

Iberis Masterpiece Flower - Jaldety.jpg

Iberis Masterpiece 

Iberis Masterpiece- Flower with ruler -

Iberis Masterpiece - large flower! 

Iberis Pink Ice Plant- Jaldety.jpg

Iberis Pink Ice 

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